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Available:  May - September

Snake River in Hells Canyon

Snake River (Hell's Canyon)

   Trip Description

The deepest river gorge in North America, straddling the borders of Idaho and Oregon, Hells Canyon is a place of grandeur. According to Nez Perce Indian legend, the mythical figure "coyote" dug Hells Canyon with a big stick to protect the Indians' ancestors in Oregon's Blue Mountains from the "Seven Devils" across the gorge in Idaho. Our Snake River rafting adventures through Hells Canyon are journeys through a land rich in myth and geologic wonder. Running from south to north, the Snake River in Hells Canyon cuts through some of the most rugged, spectacular landscape on earth. Where boulders and rock slides have rolled into the river, we find the biggest white water rafting rapids in the Pacific Northwest. High-crested waves and paddle-swallowing holes drench us in excitement

  • Trip Duration: 0.00 days
  • Destination: United States
  • Region: Idaho
  • Price Range:  $851-$1050 per person
  • Experience:  Families, Friends, First-Timers, Independent, Veterans
  • Difficulty:   Intermediate
  • Minimum Age: 7
  • Activity Option:  Inflatable Kayak, Fishing, Birdwatching, Hiking
  • Accommodations: Wilderness Tent Camping

Trip Start Dates:
5-20-2005, 5-25-2005, 5-29-2005, 6-6-2005, 6-14-2005, 6-22-2005, 6-30-2005, 7-8-2005, 7-16-2005, 7-24-2005, 8-1-2005, 8-9-2005, 8-17-2005, 8-25-2005, 9-2-2005, 9-10-2005, 9-17-2005

Special Features:
An itinerary designed to visit as many points of interest as possible. Knowledgeable guides share the canyon's natural and cultural history. Cargo boat travels ahead and sets up camp including your tent Trip logistics maximize time on river on first and last days Trip includes farewell dinner.

Other Services:
Fishing Trips available

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