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Wagon Train

Wagon Train Vacations

Living history is the best way to describe an authentic western wagon train vacation. Wagon train vacations offer an experience of what it was like to emigrate from the east to Oregon or other points west.

As the grass began to grow emigrants started to assemble and notices were circulated through the different encampments that those who contemplated emigrating to Oregon, would meet at a designated point to organize a wagon train. Promptly at the appointed hour the motley groups assembled. They consisted of people from all the States and Territories, and nearly all nationalities; the most, however, from Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri and Iowa, and all strangers to one another ... You can relive their journey on a wagon train vacation. Experience what it must have been like to head west in a covered wagon. You will find other people like yourself with a passion for history, beautiful places, great food, enthusiasm for life and nature, and a truly gratifying vacation experience to last a lifetime.


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