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Rope Course

High Rope Course, Low Rope Course Team Building

A rope course is an obstacle course that promotes Team Building and Teamwork. Participants work together and share ideas to solve obstacles which may consist of ropes, cables, and logs. A Team Building rope course program may include a Low Course (events low to the ground) or a High Course (events on wires thirty feet in the air). Qualified instructors promote valuable interpersonal skills while team training, such as: Problem Solving, Decision Making, Leadership, Communication, and Trust. These Team Building experiences bring your people together in a new way that promotes trust.

What is a team building rope course? It is a series of obstacles constructed of various types of materials to provide challenges to individuals or groups. Participants work their way up through low rope course elements (up to three feet off the ground), then progress on to high rope course elements (20-85 feet in the air). Through the use of team building support systems and state of the art rock climbing equipment, the course provides a controlled situation where actual risk is practically nonexistent. The perception of risk, however, catalyzes individuals and groups to expand their comfort zones, solve problems effectively, and overcome natural fears.


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