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Kayak Trip

Kayak Trip Vacation

Imagine yourself on a kayak trip drifting on a ribbon of blue water. Your kayak responds to your paddle as you dip into the water and twist your trunk and push with your top arm to propel yourself forward. Your companions call out with excitement to look up at a bald eagle flying overhead. You will meet other people just like yourself on a kayak trip. Whether you are sea kayaking with orca whales or whitewater river kayaking there is something special about bobbing around on the surface of the water on a kayak trip. You feel at one with the water like no other sport. Take a kayak trip and explore a new world; each waterway is unique and has its own personality. You can't do it the same way twice on a kayak trip. Each kayak trip is unique and you are rewarded as your paddling skills improve with less effort to get the kayak to do what you want. Kayak trips are available for all levels of paddlers. Take a kayak trip and the wonderful memories will stay with you forever.


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