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Cycling and Mountain Biking Tours

Mountain Bike Tours

Perhaps you were motivated by the Tour de France or just seeing other cyclists or mountain bikers out riding and having fun. If cycling or mountain biking is new to you, many guides have several trips that are the perfect introduction. You will need to learn some basic shifting and climbing skills. With most tours you don't have to carry anything on your bike. The support truck carries all the gear and the guides do all the cooking, and washing the dishes. You get to relax after a day of cycling.

Road cycling tours come in all shapes and sizes from staying overnight at Inns and eating at restaurants to camping tours in National Parks. From large day tours of 1000 plus riders to local charity rides of a few hundred cyclists, or a tour of 30 riders, they all come with great food. Road cycling tours offer many unique and fun vacations in spectacular locations, tremendous value, and as a side note health benefits. You can use your own bike or rent one, but you will need to purchase some good cycling apparel and shoes.

Mountain biking is mostly riding off road, but much of the time you are riding on backcountry dirt roads. A mountain biking experience is usually slower than road biking, dustier, and with shorter climbs. The bicycles are different and designed to do a special job; ask your guide what type of bike you will need.

Road cycling and mountain biking are a great way to meet people and the longer the ride the more time you have to get acquainted.


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