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Cattle Drive Vacations Adventure Travel Montana Cattle Drive Trips
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Cattle Drive Vacations

Cattle Drive Vacations Adventure Travel Montana Cattle Drive Trips

Consider wakin’ up as the sun rises, to the smell of coffee perking, bacon sizzling and horses softly neighing. Some cattle drives take place on dusty roads where a group of cows and calves are moved at a slow pace ten or twelve miles a day. Some cattle drives and roundups offer a more challenging equestrian experience and are the real thing.

There is a distinction between a cattle drive and a round up. Before a cattle drive can take place the cattle must be found and rounded up. By the end of the summer the cattle are dispersed over many square miles of mountains and forest so that it can take days and even weeks of hard riding to locate and assemble most of them. In situations where the cattle are spread out over vast areas of uninhabited mountains and forest the round up has many of the aspects of a hunt as well as a drive and one must ride for miles through incredible wilderness to find small herds tucked away in remote forest clearings.

Cattle drives are conducted much as they were a century and more ago. There are several reasons for a legitimate cattle drive. One is to move the cattle between winter and summer pasture. When snows come in the fall animals must move down to winter at lower altitudes in the valleys. Another reason can be to drive cattle to a market as in movies like "Red River" and "Lonesome Dove". Of course once the cows are in winter or summer areas they often must be moved periodically to different sections. Cattle must also be rounded up from time to time for branding, castrating, inoculation or to send them to market.

Outfitters with a passion for horseback riding are just around the corner to help you have an exciting vacation in breathtaking scenery and with western hospitality. Cattle drives can take you to beautiful places, great food, sociable people with an enthusiasm for life and nature, and a truly gratifying vacation experience to last a lifetime.


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