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Canyons to most Americans brings a vision of the canyon country of Utah and Arizona. There are literally hundreds of canyons in the desert southwest. But include include any mountainous region -- the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, Cascades, throughout the western United States or world-wide.

Canyons are incredibly diverse. Some were carved through sedimentary rock, such as sandstone and limestone. Others through multiple layers of igneous and metamorphic rock. Some are dry. Some are filled with rushing streams and waterfalls. But all of them are spectacular, enticing us to explore....

Canyoneering, involves traveling through canyons. Some use the term canyoneering in such a broad sense to include hiking, boating, even biking, as long as it takes place in a canyon. However, when most people refer to the sport of canyoneering, they are referring to traveling on foot. Some canyons are technical referring to canyons that require the use of ropes (for rappelling, belayed down climbing and hand lines); nontechnical referring to canyons that only require hiking, wading and/or swimming.

Explore the world of canyoneering with a profesional guide with a passion for canyons. A guide can help you have an exciting vacation. Take you to beautiful places, great food, sociable people with an enthusiasm for life and nature...Canyoneering offers something for everyone, regardless of their motivations or their skill level.


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