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One of the best Wing Shooting sites in the world -

We are a team of trained professionals, with top experience in the field. We can guarantee and provide excellent hunting vacations and accommodation in hotels and estancias in Uruguay, famous for its exceptional hunting fields and abundant animal life. The guides and bird boys who will accompany the shooters know the secrets of each site, the best timing and the best lands that will ensure that unique catch. The parties will be accompanied by bird dogs (Spanish Breton, English Setter, Pointer and Labrador Retriever) duly raised by expert dog trainers. We operate safely due to our large experience in wing shooting. We have the best know-how and we rely on our guides expertise. Hunting can be enjoyed in a healthy, friendly and entertaining environment. Our staff will meet the groups at the airport and our representative, Saul Roisner, who is an excellent host, will join the groups throughout their stay. Our aim is to have a personalized relationship with our guests and to meet with their requirements with first quality service.

Hunting & Fishing SR
Juncal 1420 / 201
Montevideo OT 11000


In Business Since: 1998
Destinations:  UY
Regions:  OT

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What our Trip Members Say:
"July 2005 found me in Uruguay, I was checking out the operation of Hunting & Fishing SR. My main goals were to hunt perdiz and doves. Uruguay is a country in South America, located between Brazil & Argentina. Their time zone is 1 hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Traveling to and from there resulted in no jet lag, and it was easy for me to adjust to local time. Saul Roisner is the operation head, a tour guide and outfitter. Before I even cleared customs I’d spotted him waiting for me - holding a large placard with my name clearly printed on it. He’s very efficient and told me that he’d had men out checking the hunting areas prior to my arrival to ensure highest densities of game bird while I was hunting. Of my 7 days , I spent 3 hunting perdiz in the morning, then doves in the afternoon as they came to roost. Perdiz are hunted over dogs, and they used a german short hair named Toby. The hunting and services available were excellent. SR staff were all professional and efficient in their dealings with me. One of the great things about a trip like this is the opportunity to eat new foods. We dined in several local restaurants, and everywhere we went – the food was good. While we were in the field hunting, the staff cooked a lunch for us over open flame that was excellent. The beverage Coca-Cola seems to have permeated every level of society there – scarcely a meal goes by without it being offered or served. You could probably get it with your breakfast if you so desired. The doves were everywhere as they returned to roost for the night, and I easily fired in excess of 400 rounds in a 90 minute period. I was using a Beretta 391 12 ga. semiauto, and I was glad I had it. Hunting the perdiz over pointer was also great fun. It was easy to take the daily limit there. I had no difficulty in reaching my daily limit (ten) of perdiz. There are no limits on the doves – and it was easy for me to fire 400 rounds of 7 ½ sized 12 ga. in little over an hour. Ammo cannot be imported, though you can bring your own firearms. Saul himself handled all temporary firearms permits when I arrived and departed. Different levels of hotel accommodations are available, with differing daily rates. I stayed in the less expensive option, a hotel in the City of Carmelo, department of Colonia, and that was more than adequate for my needs. Even this place had indoor and out door pools. As it was “winter” there, I didn’t go swimming, but could have, as the indoor pool is heated. Their winters are a bit milder than ours, with nasty days being the equivalent of a rainy November day here. Like November here, there were some warmer days in to 50s & 60s, too. High points included my guide Jorge locating a bees nest near the ground, which I promptly peppered w/ 3 rds of 12 ga. That killed most of the insects and we feasted on their honey. That same day he and I walked around a corner and discovered a tree full of small green parrots and their huge nests. I took 3 of them. They are considered a pest there, much like the doves. While in a nearby town (Colonia) checking out hotel accommodations available, we dined with the hotel manager. Excellent food and conversation resulted in a most pleasant evening. His operation seemed perfect for traveling hunters and their families, and even makes a kitchen area available that hunters may prepare / dine on their day’s take that evening. (Try finding that here in the US) The people I met were all very friendly, as were the police officers I met. Most of those that I met were “National Police” which were very similar to our State Police.Private security forces were also present at places like airports. The society as a whole seemed very safe. I wouldn’t hesitate to travel there with my family. Speaking of travel, they drive on the right hand side of the road, and signs are of a universal nature – it doesn’t take much to figure out what they mean. As I was there to check out hunting and tourism potential, I spent some of my time walking through the shopping districts and taking in the sights. We also managed to take in a tour of the estate of Uruguay’s first president. http://www.hunting-fishingsr.com Scott Conlee"

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